Tuesday, January 26, 2010

100 days of school celebration....

not just any old outfit will do!! ;) still enjoying my newest toy.... more goodies to come soon. embroidered products will be up for sale as soon as my methods have been perfected!

Monday, January 25, 2010

my new toy....

OH....the possibilities! I am super psyched to announce the arrival of my newest addition......my toy that is! ;)
My new sewing/embroidery machine is here and has been calling my name for nearly 2 months. I am embarrassed to admit, I have been too busy to enjoy it....BUT finally, the time has come. Hope to post some new pics soon. Can't wait to explore this newest path in my BIG adventure. Hang on & enjoy the ride...it's about to get really CREATIVE!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

where...oh, where has the time gone?

where did the month of december really go? wowzers...time really does fly. i am proud to say i can easily mark several items off my "winter wish list"...(in no particular order).
1) i was able to finally purchase my new sewing/embroidery machine combo!
~i know....i've turned into a real dork, but i would have to say this is my newfound passion. i love the creativity, craftsmanship and challenges of this new venture. it's been a bit frightening and exciting at the same time....hope to post some new photos soon.
2) i organized my shop; both at home and the square!
~it seems as though everyone has been "dumping" all of those mis-placed items in my space! finally, i have a spot for everything and am able to work comfortably in my shop without being distracted by clutter.
3) my holidays were enjoyable!
~nothing is worse than "cruising thru the holiday seasons" on auto-pilot. this year, i vowed to embrace the little moments with my family & create some new holiday traditions. i must've been good this year...my hubby even surprised me with some new "bling" for my wrist! after all, a girl can never have too many diamonds....can she?!
4) new creative juices!
~i'm re-freshed and ready to create. i have half a million ideas running thru my head. now...if i can just force to put aside the time. i will be offering some "new & improved" products this year & can't wait to share them.

that's all for now...i promise to post some new photos next time.
HaPpY bIrThDaY today to my oldest son...14 yrs ago today i was full of hives from the excitement of becoming a mother for the first time!! (that's the best gift i ever received). :)