Thursday, September 24, 2009

my new design

Love, love, love my new blog design. A special thanks to Danielle from the design girl for turning my vision into a reality. I am super excited to showcase my new designs. Check back often & spread the word.....
Another special thanks to Shannon Walton from for providing this darling image of my little Tarynn & her friends during a mini "fashion show".
*Tutus are available in a wide variety of colors & lengths....inquire within.
"pixie" length $24.00
"perfect" length $28.00
"princess" length $32.00
(prices include tulle, elastic waistband, floral & ribbon embellishments)


  1. love the blog design! adorable! looking forward to seeing some cute tutus and ordering one for my daughter

  2. Love the new blog! Now I will be YOUR blog stalker ;)