Tuesday, October 27, 2009

little miss sassafras

let me start by setting the scene for this photo....the morning of our family photos little miss sassafras spent about 20 mins. "practicing" in front of the mirror. when we showed up at our session, i mentioned to shannon how little miss was fully "prepared". :) when it was time for her to begin with the individual shots...this is how she began. thanks for the "sneak peek" shannon. i can't wait to view the rest. needless to say, little miss was thrilled with the outcome.
during the entire car ride home she kept saying...."i should have done this mommy, i should have done this one". and, it went on and on and on for the next few HOURS. it was hysterical...i have never heard her sooo excited about something before. obviously, this is one of those signs that she's beginning to get older. aww......
Custom sets available....
princess length muli-colored tutu= $32.00
matching leggings with leopard trim= $12.00
boutique style multi-layered hairbow= $8.00
embellished long sleeve tee= $19.00

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